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Accelerated Reader Program

The library at Lake Arthur Elementary takes pride in our students and promotes comprehension
skills through our Accelerated Reader Program (AR). This program ranks text by grade levels, based on
the difficulty of the vocabulary within each book. At the beginning of each year the students are allowed
to read on their grade level, with the option of choosing a grade below or a grade above
(based on their individual preferences and abilities).
Once the child has read the entire book, they are allowed to take an AR test on it, and earn points that
accumulate throughout the school year. These points are used as part of the requirements for Mid Year Party and Field Day,
and many of the upper grades use these tests as part of their students' reading grades for each
six weeks (not exceeding 10% of the total grade).
Reports are printed every Friday, so your child should be well aware of their current scores - they can see
these during their library time the following week, and their homeroom teacher is given a copy also.
You may also access your students AR records from home.  Contact me for logon info.
Be sure to contact me if you have any questions about out AR program.
Thank You,
Mrs. Zaunbrecher