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Meet Mrs. Breaux


I am so thrilled to be a part of the third grade team at Lake Arthur Elementary! It's going to be a fun year full of learning and adventure!

I was raised in Lake Arthur and attended school at LAE, so I am happy to be back "HOME." I am married to Josh Breaux and together we have two sweet and very mischievous boys; Cy (5) and Deacon (2). They keep me busy and entertained when I'm not with my school babies.

I earned my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from McNeese State University. Go Pokes! This is my fifth year teaching. I feel like I’ve finally found my niche in 3rd grade!

I am so excited to be your “Ring Leader” and for you to be part of this AWESOME CIRCUS.


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Lizzy Joins the Circus!
Meet Lizzy our resident bearded dragon! 
Lizzy loves being in third grade! She enjoys listening to stories while munching on live crickets or meal worms. Her other hobbies include basking on her heat rock and scaring some of the teachers at LAES (especially Mrs. Woods our assistant principal). :) 
Our class worked really hard to get Lizzy. We had to research many different pets and write an opinion essay about which pet would be best for our classroom. The choices were narrowed down to a hamster, a betta fish, and a beardie. The class voted and a beardie it was! 
We applied for and were awarded a grant from Pets in the Classroom! They funded most of our pet's supplies and habitat! Thank you Pets in the Classroom!